Dr. Pleshette McPhee

Academic Dean


The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI)’s Academic Dean, Dr. Pleshette McPhee, has been accepted into the Commonwealth of Learning, Pan-Commonwealth Training Programme on Women and Leadership in Online and Distance Learning (ODL).

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is organizing the training in collaboration with Wawasan Open University. It is expected to be an intensive and interactive virtual workshop, slated for March 30th through April 1st, 2021. The focus will be on various aspects of leadership in online and distance learning. Activities will include presentations and short lectures by inspirational leaders, group discussions, mentoring sessions, project work and presentations.

The workshop activities are designed to impart the knowledge, skills and confidence women leaders need to move up through the system; help build a network of role models and mentors who will provide ongoing guidance and provide the encouragement and support women leaders need to realize their full potential. Also, open education resources in research, teaching and learning will be introduced and integrated.

Dr. McPhee is excited about the opportunity to not only represent BTVI, but the women of BTVI. She noted that the best events throughout her 32-year career in education have been opportunities for training, empowerment and transformation.

“A litmus test for leadership is how leaders show up for opportunities like these. I look forward to the Pan Commonwealth Programme on Women and Leadership in Online and Distance Education Workshop, the short lectures, the group sessions, the mentoring, the networking, the presentations and other activities. I am equally anxious to share the nuggets I will yield from this experience and am filled with great pride and gratitude, having been chosen to represent our institution,” said Dr. McPhee.

“BTVI has made strides and has risen to a level of excellence in its delivery of online education that rivals many other TVET colleges and universities. I feel my participation in this event is another gem in our crown as it relates to growth and development,” she added.

Meanwhile, BTVI’s President, Dr. Robert W. Robertson, said the institution is pleased that Dr. McPhee has been chosen to participate in the training.

“Locally, BTVI has been a leader in the introduction of online and distance learning which continues to be an important option for many students across the country, including our family islands. Additionally, with this year’s International Women’s Day theme being, ‘Break the Bias,’ it is fitting that the COL is having a training program specifically for women and focused on leadership in online and distance learning,” said Dr. Robertson.

“Since the onset of covid19, online learning has been central to the continuity of instructing our students. Further, we are constantly improving our virtual education options, so when the Commonwealth of Learning launched the International Partnership of Distance and Online Learning for COVID19 initiative with 44 global partners, BTVI did not hesitate in accepting the invitation to be a partner in this global exercise,” he added.

The COL, headquartered in Canada, is the world’s only inter-governmental organization solely concerned with the promotion and development of distance education and open learning.