Fees, Aid & Scholarships

Fees, Aid & Scholarships

Payment of Fees must be paid at the Student Accounts Office.
Payment methods accepted are cash, Visa or MasterCard and direct deposit.

Application Fee
All applicants are required to pay a one-time only non-refundable application fee of $25.00. Applications will not be processed until applicants provide proof of payment of the application fee. This fee is valid for one year only.

Registration Fee
• The registration fee for Bahamian students is $200 per semester.
• The registration fee for international students is $350 per semester.
• Registration fees are due on or before the Friday immediately following registration.
• Students are required to pay the entire registration fee upon completion of the registration process.
• Non-payment of the registration fee within the time specified could result in a late registration fee of $50.00.
• The registration fee covers the BTVI identification card, student insurance coverage, classroom materials, technology and other administrative charges. Registration fees are non-refundable. Students who require a replacement BTVI identification card will be charged a replacement fee of $10.00.
• Students with outstanding balances will not be able to register for the upcoming semester.

Tuition Fee
Bahamian students: $50.00 per credit for associate of applied science degree programmes.
International students: $75.00 per contact hour for associate of applied science degree programmes. $150.00 additional charge for Professional Development Course administrative fees.

Books & Supplies
Students are required to purchase the required books, tools, kits and uniforms for their classes.

All students are required to pay a non-refundable graduation fee which includes lifetime membership in the BTVI Alumni Association. The graduation application form and fee of $200 are due on the designated date outlined on the Academic Calendar. This fee is valid for one year only.

Professional Development/Industry Training
Fees for professional development programmes and courses are advertised when the programme/course is being offered and must be paid in full, unless otherwise indicated. The PDC course fee includes the BTVI certificate which is granted upon successful completion of the programme/course. It does not include certification and/or licensure fees. Full refunds are available only in those instances in which the programme/course is canceled by BTVI.

BTVI will not issue grades or transcripts; award diplomas, certificates or academic awards or hours; or grant honourable dismissal to any student whose account is in arrears.

Refunds are calculated on the basis of the official date of withdrawal. Refunds will be made only upon written application for withdrawal from the course within the refund period:
• 90% before the first scheduled day of class.
• 80% after the first scheduled day of class up to the end of the first week.
• 50% during the second week of class.

Withdrawals thereafter will not receive a refund.

There are no refunds on books.

Students who are required to withdraw from a programme automatically forfeit any right to a refund under this section.


The Office of Financial Aid processes applications and provides information and assistance to students applying for financial assistance, scholarships and/or grants. Students with a financial need should apply for financial assistance. All completed applications are investigated and screened by the Financial Aid Committee whose recommendations are forwarded to the Financial Aid Officer.

In consultation with the Office of Student Affairs, the following are administrated by the Office of Financial Aid:

Financial Aid
A financial grant for students with financial needs. Students from all programmes of study are eligible to apply. The financial assistance helps to provide tools, kits and/or books.

Merit-Based Scholarships
Merit-Based Scholarships are available to students who meet the academic eligibility requirements as stipulated by the scholarship provider.

Private Scholarships
Some of our industry partners provide scholarships for named students. Scholarship recipients will be notified by the Office of Financial Aid

A financial grant which provides on-campus employment for eligible students. The funds are intended to help students defray their financial needs

All applications are held in the strictest confidence.


Download Your Private Scholarship form here.