Career Services

Career Services

The Career Services Office helps students with employment needs.
Our services begin when students enrol at BTVI and continue throughout their academic careers.

Career Services Offerings
• Job Search and Placement Resources
• On Campus Recruitment Programmes
• Employment Advising
• Internships, Apprenticeships and Attachments
• Resume Referrals
• Job Reference Letters

Employment Advising
BTVI offers personalised one-on-one advising on topics such as developing resumés and cover letters, networking, online job searches, job applications and interviewing techniques.

Students are required to participate in an internship/apprenticeship/attachment experience which helps them apply practical skills and acquire on-the-job training. Normally, students register for the experience when they register for their final classes. They receive a grade upon completion of the experience. Students who do not achieve a minimum grade of C are required to repeat the internship, apprenticeship or attachment. Students with holds on their accounts will not be allowed to register for the internship/apprenticeship/attachment until the hold has been lifted.

Job Reference Letters
Reference letters are available to students upon request. These letters are based on the responses from the company during the student’s internship, apprenticeship or attachment experience. Students with holds on their accounts will not be able to obtain a job reference letter until the hold has been lifted.

Job Search and Placement
We help students obtain part-time employment while they are enroled in their certificate, diploma or degree programme and help them obtain full-time employment once they graduate from BTVI. Students should contact our office to schedule an appointment for employment related information, issues or concerns.

On Campus Recruitment Programme
BTVI provides opportunities for students and graduates to gain access to job/internship/college placement and study abroad attachments through national and international partnership agreements.

Resumé Referrals
To assist with the search for a job, once a student’s resumé has been completed and approved, the Job Placement Department will ensure it is sent to a number of businesses.

Upon graduation, ALL students are expected to leave a current resumé with the Career Services Office.