2021 Awardees

2021 Awardees

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Awardees 2021

Bernard Rolle

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Bernard Rolle is a successful businessman and entrepreneur, who is the proprietor of Rolle’s Electric – a three-phased electrical company. For 30 years, he has operated a successful company, providing a range of electrical services on residential, commercial, and industrial projects throughout The Bahamas.

It was at C. C. Sweeting Senior High School, where he began his technical training career path. During high school, he articled with his brother-in-law – an electrician – whom he worked with from the tender age of 14. He sat under the tutelage of Henry Bain and by the time Mr. Rolle graduated high school, he was able to wire doorbell systems, install electrical panels and outlet boxes.

He later joined the Electrical Engineering program at the then Industrial Training College (ITC) – now BTVI – and under John Greene, developed a greater love for the electrical trade. It was at ITC he learned how to read and understand the electrical code books, eventually completing his single-phase electrical engineering program.

While Mr. Rolle is well known as an electrical contractor and entrepreneur, he is also known for his work as a community builder.

Dr. John S. Bain

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Dr. John Bain studied Electrical Engineering at C. R. Walker Technical College – now BTVI – for one year. By the time he was finished, he had successfully completed his single-phase electrical engineering program. He later switched his focus and pursued courses with the Institute of Financial Services, eventually returning to BTVI to study accountancy at night school.

The chartered certified accountant (CPA) is an adjunct business professor at the University of The Bahamas and is an instructor for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants exams. He is also Managing Partner at UHY Bain & Associates. In 2019, Dr. Bain was inducted into the University of The Bahamas Hall of Fame and named Alumni of the Year.

The adjunct professor of Business at the University of The Bahamas is also an instructor for the

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants exams, teaching the Becker Review course.

Further, he has given lectures in The Bahamas, the Caribbean, the UK and the USA on Money

Laundering, Forensic Accounting for Elder Abuse and Cyber Warfare in Information Security.

Dr. Zelrona Mackey

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Dr. Zelrona Mackey was a member of BTVI’s Beauty Trades department for 17 years, lending her expertise in curriculum development. She traveled throughout the United States of America, taking students to the National Institute of Cosmetology and elsewhere, ensuring they were gaining international exposure and the latest trends in the industry.

Meanwhile, she is proud to know that a program she contributed to and designed for Cosmetology teachers is still being used for those who teach the subject throughout the country. In fact, she also volunteered to teach Cosmetology at Her Majesty’s Fox Hill Prison.

Dr. Mackey was President of the National Association of Bahamian Cosmetologist and Barbers Association between 1992 and 2013; a member of America Career and Technical Educators since 1992; Vice President of the National Association of Bahamian Cosmetologist and Barbers Association, 1988 – 1992. Further, Dr. Mackey lectured at the National Institute of Cosmetology in Washington DC between 1999 and 2009.

Distinguished Alumni Emerging Leader Awardees 2021

Percy Wallace

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The late Percy Wallace was considered among the most talented fashion designers The Bahamas has ever seen, delivering creations that were avant-garde. It was in 1992 that he began seeding into the lives of students at the then Industrial Training College (ITC) – now BTVI.

The Ragged Island native’s pursuit of Fashion Design officially began once he graduated from Government High School in 1976 and enrolled in Miami Dade Community College. He graduated with an Associate’s degree in Fashion Design in 1981. He went on to establish his personal signature design dubbed, Garfi Designs. It became the house where daring was an understatement! Thanks to a scholarship granted by The Bahamas government in 1989, Mr. Wallace later went on to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He graduated in 1991 with a degree in Apparel Production Management.

Mr. Wallace, who passed away in 2012, landed an apprenticeship spot with Ralph Lauren in New York and an Assistant Designer position with Liz Claiborne in New Jersey. Further, his designs graced the stages of Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Bahamas and Miss Commonwealth Beauty Pageants. He was undoubtedly a respected figure on the local fashion scene, who incorporated indigenous items in his designs, including straw.

Kenton Roker

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Kenton Roker is Chair of Construction and Mechanical Trades at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute’s (BTVI) Grand Bahama campus.

Mr. Roker attended BTVI – then known as the Industrial Training Centre – graduating with a certificate in Automotive Technology back in 1992. He has since distinguished himself in the field.

Excellent at his trade, Mr. Roker was an automotive teacher at St. Georges High School between 2010 and 2012. Meanwhile, he has served at BTVI for some 19 years, teaching many men and women the intricacies of Auto Mechanics.

With such expertise, Mr. Roker is also the owner of Roker’s Auto, one of Grand Bahama’s most respected automotive centers, and has been a member of the International Automotive Technician Network for the past 30 years.

Kenneth Russell

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Former Member of Parliament, Kenneth Russell, studied architecture and carpentry at C. R. Walker Technical School, now BTVI.

He added Land Surveying and Engineering Drawing to his plate, studying towards the London-based General Certificate of Education (GCE) O Level exams. This determined man received an ‘A’ in both Engineering Drawing and Land Surveying. Also, he achieved Special Credit in the City and Guilds of London Institute’s Carpentry and Joinery certificate.

In 1976, Mr. Russell landed a job at the Bahamas Oil Refining Company (BORCO), serving in the Engineering, Inspection and Maintenance Planning Departments, in addition to the Drawing and Projects Management offices. He remained at the company for 25 years.


The former Minister of Housing and National Insurance and later, The Bahamas High Commissioner to Canada, is owner of two businesses in Freeport, Grand Bahama: a construction and building services company, and an architecture firm.

Distinguished Alumni Scholar Practitioner Awardees 2021

Christina Amanda Gilbert

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Christina Gilbert is a two-time graduate of BTVI. Back in 1995, she enrolled in the then Industrial Training College (ITC), which later became BTVI. She obtained a Commercial Skills certificate in July 1996 that catapulted her career in business studies and management.

Twenty-five years later, Ms. Gilbert attained an Associate of Applied Science degree in Human Resources Management from BTVI (spring 2021) with an incredible 3.91 grade point average (GPA). This landed her a spot on the President’s List. She is expected to be inducted into the National Technical Honors Society in 2022.

Ms. Gilbert’s goal is to create a workplace conducive to learning and growth, through employee advocacy, talent management and strategic planning.

She is currently a licensed Custom Broker and the Purchasing Manager and Buyer for the Bahama Subs & Salads Restaurant chain.

Dr. Dellarese Taylor

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A cosmetologist with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Dellarese Taylor began studies in the field of Cosmetology at the then Industrial Training College (ITC) – now BTVI.

Her zest for more knowledge in her craft led her to pursue and obtain her Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Cosmetology from The National Institute of Cosmetology. She also studied and earned a diploma in Adult Learning Education from Nova Southeastern University.


Dr. Taylor is currently an adjunct Cosmetology instructor at BTVI and owner of Tropical Heat Beauty Salon and Tropical Heat Institute. She holds the position of President of The Bahamian Cosmetologists and Barbers’ Association.

Sidney Sinclair

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From humble beginnings to successful entrepreneur, Sidney Sinclair is the name synonymous with Sinclair’s Rent A Tool – just one of his multiple businesses in a diverse portfolio.


Mr. Sinclair received his formal training in the field of carpentry, earning a certificate in 1983. He considers the knowledge, skills, and hands-on training at BTVI to all be relevant tools when transferred into each business he owns.  He has diversified his portfolio of businesses and operates many of them on a nine-acre property in the Carmichael Road area inclusive, but not limited to a farm, a campsite and a pizza palace.

He attributes his success to hard work, determination, perseverance and organization, but also pays homage to his alma mater, BTVI.

Ismella Davis-Delancy

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Ismella Davis-Delancy was the first woman Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. Upon graduating high school in 1981, she attended the Industrial Training College – now known as BTVI – where she pursued a certificate in Hotel Training.

She interned at the then Balmoral Hotel. It was that hotel training that helped to lay a foundation for the type of police she became. Although firm, she was approachable and kept customer service at the forefront of her mind, noting the importance of the relationship between the police and the general public, including suspects.

The retired officer’s division command areas included being in charge of the Fox Hill Police Station, the Eastern Division, Airport Division, Eleuthera District and Grand Bahama District. She was also the former Assistant Commissioner of Family Island Districts and Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for Human Resources. Further, Ms. Davis-Delancy was President of the Police Disciplinary Tribunal before becoming Deputy Commissioner of Police in 2020.

Ms. Davis-Delancy’s distinguished honours and awards include, but are not limited to the Queen Police Medal, the Royal Bahamas Police Force Medal for Meritorious Service and Royal Bahamas Police Force Medal for Long Service & Good Conduct.