Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees the academic integrity of the institution and includes the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Academic Deans and related academic departments, the Dean of Student Affairs and the Registrar’s Office. 

The Office of Academic Affairs has responsibility for long-range institutional planning; for implementing and monitoring relevant, viable, innovative and high quality technical and vocational educational programmes for lifelong learning; and for ensuring quality teaching and engaged learning. 

The Vice President of Academic Affairs, BTVI’s Senior Executive Academic Leader, oversees the Office of Academic Affairs and ensures that:

  • all academic departments provide excellent customer service and operate in unison with BTVI’s vision, mission and strategic plan. 
  • all academic programmes meet the quality standards set by accreditation bodies and align with the present and future needs of students and employers.
  • viable and lasting connections are created between academic programmes, student experiences and external stakeholders. 
  • other BTVI executives and senior administrators promote and enhance student access, retention and success, alumni relations and fundraising.

Specifically, the VP Academic Affairs is responsible for:

  • the creation, maintenance, revision or deletion of curriculum, courses, sequence of courses and programmes of study
  • periodic curriculum review, assessment and reporting.
  • the development, review, revision and oversight of all academic policies, procedures and processes.
  • student recruitment, retention, advisement, discipline, graduation. 
  • faculty support including student performance reviews.
  • all accreditation and licensure requirements.

Additionally, the Vice President of Academic Affairs performs or oversees several managerial and operational functions inclusive of academic budgets, scheduling, performance assessments, faculty workload, the academic catalogue and student disciplinary processes. 

For additional information contact the Office of Academic Affairs at [email protected].