Electronics & Media Technology Trades Program

Alexia Coakley

Interm Head of Department 


Location: BB Block, BB1, New Providence Campus   
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 1 (242) 502-6300 (Ext.6382)

The programmes in Electronics and Media Technology seek to provide best in class instruction to train, tool and prepare students for the workplace.  In addition to our talented full-time instructors, we engage top industry professionals to instruct and guide our students through an ever-evolving curriculum that harnesses both theory and practical delivery giving them hands- on experience in preparation for their chosen careers. Our strategic industry partners provide students with first-hand opportunities to explore potential career paths while being exposed to industry standard practices. Our Professional Development Courses offer specialised areas of study across our programmes.

Come and explore the many possibilities this dynamic, innovative industry has to offer!

Associate of Applied Science Degree Programmes

  • Electronics Engineering Installers and Repairers
  • Media Technology

Certificate Programmes

  • Electronics & Cable Installation
  • Certificate in Media Technology