Challenge Exams

Challenge Exams

What is a challenge examination?
Challenge examinations assess a student’s competence or proficiency in a specific subject area. Students who pass the challenge exam for a specific course are exempted from taking the course at BTVI.

How do students qualify for a challenge exam?
Students who have prior work experience or who have completed equivalent courses at another accredited institution may request to take a challenge exam. Students must:
• get a copy of the course outline and register for the BTVI course they intend to challenge.
• submit a completed Challenge Examination Request Form to the relevant Dean through the Head of Department responsible for the course.

Who is allowed to take a challenge exam?
Students will be allowed to sit a challenge exam provided they:
• submit a completed Challenge Examination Request Form along with proof of payment of the non-refundable fee to the Office of Examinations and Testing Services (OETS).
• provide documentary evidence that they possess the skills and competencies being taught in the course they intend to challenge (e.g., verification letter from employer or skilled craftsperson or transcript from another institution, etc.).
• are in good academic standing, that is, they have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.
• have not received a BTVI grade for the course they intend to challenge.
• have not previously registered and withdrawn from the course they intend to challenge.

When can students take a challenge exam?
• Normally, challenge exams are taken during the final examination period. OETS will advise students of the date for the challenge exam and will coordinate and invigilate the exam.
• Students must take the challenge exam when it is scheduled.
• Within 5 business days of taking the exam, OETS will inform the student of the grade allocated for the exam.

Can students take a challenge exam for any course?
Yes, students can take a challenge exam for any course with the exception of the following:
• courses with labs or practical components.
• courses with project-based components.
• courses with research-based components.
However, 75% of a student’s overall programme requirements must be completed by taking courses at BTVI. As a result, students can complete only 15% of their programme requirements through challenge exams; that is, through prior work experience or courses taken at another accredited institution.

How will students know they have successfully challenged the course?
• To be successful on a challenge exam, students must achieve a grade of 70% or higher.
• Students who achieve a grade of 70% or higher will receive BTVI credit for the course.
• Once recorded by the Office of the Registrar, this grade will be calculated as part of the student’s GPA.

What happens if a student is not successful at challenging the course?
Students who fail to achieve a minimum score of 70% on a challenge examination may
• remain in the course and complete the course or
• withdraw from the course prior to the deadline to withdraw. Students who withdraw remain financially liable for the course.

How many times can a student sit a challenge exam for the same course?
Students have one chance only to sit a challenge exam for a specific course.
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