Professional Development Units

Professional Development Units

Participants do not earn academic credit for professional development courses. Instead, they earn Professional Development Units (PDU). A PDU allows participants and employers to document and quantify the amount of time devoted to the specific course.

PDUs are based on the amount of time the participant spends on the teaching-learning activity. In other words, PDUs are based on those activities that are devoted to instruction or instructor directed engagements. Lunch, breaks and other non-instructional time is not included in the calculation of the PDU.

Calculating the PDU

  • The PDU is calculated by dividing the total number of contact minutes by 60 to arrive at the number of contact hours. 
  • 10 contact hours equal one PDU.

Why are PDUs important?

  • They document the amount of time spent learning about a specific trade or acquiring a specific skill.
  • They provide evidence that a professional has remained current in a particular trade or field.
  • They help track the educational growth of professionals.
  • Some certifications require the periodic completion of a specific number of PDUs.