Program Description:

The Entrepreneurship certificate program seeks to develop existing and future business owners to be creative and innovative entrepreneurs. The program teaches students how to build and sustain a successful entrepreneurial venture from the ground-up. Students will be exposed to practical skills covered in the various entrepreneurship courses which include identifying small business opportunities creating a winning business plan, securing financial backing and developing new strategies to stimulate business growth. The program is designed to allow students to transfer credits to an Associate degree in the business area.

The qualified and dedicated faculty will deliver content using 21 st century technology to ensure that students are exposed to industry best practices and trending entrepreneurial concepts. Additionally students are required to complete 160 hours of practicum and complete a well developed business plan to present to potential investors. Upon completion, students will able to present the product or service to private investors or governmental agencies, like the Small Business Development Centre and most importantly launch to potential customers and the wider public.

Program Department:
Office Trades Department

General Entry Requirements:
To enter the program students are required to have Mathematics and English BGCSE with grades of C or above.

It may be necessary for students to enroll in preparatory English and mathematics if they do not possess the requisite entry requirements.

PROGRAM COURSES Weeks Days Contact Hours Per Weeks Contact Hours Credits 
ENG1100     Entrepreneurship       15 TR 4 60 3
MCA1101      Intro to Computers 15 TR 6 90 3
                       Basic Customer Service 10 F 3 30
ADM1105       Introduction to Business 15 TR 4 60 3
ENT 1102       Entrepreneurship Management and                           Leadership  15 TR 4 60 3
                         Basic QuickBooks  10 F 3 30
ENT 1103       Entrepreneurship Marketing and Sales 15 MW 4 60 3
HRM1103     Business Law 15 MW 4 60 3
GCM 1101      Public Speaking  15 MW 4 60 3
ENT  1299     Practicum 3 MTWRF 40 160 3
Total credit hours required for 
48 76 670 24

Office Assistant

Program Description:

This program is a sequence of courses designed to prepare the student to work in a business office environment.  Students are required to have BJC grades C or above in Math and English to enter the program. The skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be acquired by the student are found in the course syllabi.  The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute Certificate in Office Assistant is awarded for successful completion of the program.












Instructor contact hours per week
ENG0100       English        1 2 1 3
MAT0100      Math 2 3 1 4
SLS0003        Student Success 1 1 0 1
GCM1100      Entrepreneurial  Workforce Preparation 2 2 1 4
MCA1100       Microcomputer Applications  3 1 2 6
MAT1100       Math  I (Formerly Applied) 3 4 0 4
ENG1100       English I 3 3 0 4
ADM1102      Office Procedures 3 2 1 6
ADM1100      Keyboarding (Prerequisite MCA0100 Intro to Comp)    3 1 2 6
ADM1104      Records Management 3 2 1 6
ADM1105      Intro to Business 3 3 0 4

ADM1103    Advanced Speed Building (Prerequisite               

                        MCA0100 Intro to computers, ADM1100 


3 1 2 6
GCM1101    Public Speaking 3 3 0 4
ADM1199    Internship   3
Total credit hours required for completion  36
Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management Certificate program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the human resources management field. Upon completion the student will be able to contribute to the overall planning, performance and profitability of any organization. This program is 18 months long provided that the student is full time. The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute Certificate in Human Resources Management is awarded upon successful completion of the program.