Information Technology Entry Level

Certificate Programme

Program Duration: 1 Semester


Mode of Delivery: Blended


Program Description:

The program is designed to give students entry-level knowledge in information technology. The certificate validates individuals seeking entry-level positions in small sales and service-oriented environments. It is a one-semester certificate program intended for persons to gain introductory knowledge of computers, mobile devices, operating systems, internet application and software programming. In addition, students are required to sit the internationally recognized CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification exam. The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute Information Technology Entry Level certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program.


Programme Goals:

This program is designed to introduce individuals to the information technology field. It is recommended as a first step for a career in IT and for an individual that will be working in the field but not performing technical tasks such as a salesperson at a department store with an electronics section.


Programme Department:

Information Technology Department


General Entry Requirements:

To enter the program students are required to have Mathematics and English BGCSE with grades of C or above.


Programme Requirements:


Students complete the following:
Total Hours: 13



Courses Hours Lab Hours
CIT     1000    I.T. Fundamentals (3 hours) (4 hours)
CIT     1100    Internet Fundamentals (3 hours) (0 hours)
CMS   1000    Desktop Applications (3 hours) (4 hours)
CSD    1000    Introduction to Python (3 hours) (4 hours)
OSHA 0000    OSHA – 10 Hours (0 hours) (0 hours)
SLS     0003    Student Success (1 credit hour) (1 hours)
CERT 1021    CompTIA I.T Fundamentals


Graduation Requirements

Students are required to pass all major courses.


(Full-Time Students)

First Semester

OSHA 0000 OSHA – 10 Hours
SLS 0003 Student Success
CIT 1000 I.T. Fundamentals
CIT 1100 Internet Fundamentals
CMS 1000 Desktop Applications
CSD 1000 Introduction to Python



(Part-time Students)


First Semester

OSHA   0000     OSHA – 10 Hours

SLS 0003 Student Success
CIT 1000 I.T. Fundamentals
CIT 1100 Internet Fundamentals

Second Semester

CMS     1000     Desktop Applications CSD            1000     Introduction to Python

CERT    1021     CompTIA I.T Fundamentals