National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)-certified and BTVI adjunctinstructor, Steven Galanis, is shown here teaching the Single Phase Electrical course in Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

A group of electricians on the island of Eleuthera are halfway through a Single Phase Electrical course that brings them a step closer to obtaining their licenses.

The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) is making history on that island by offering the 14-week course.

This comes as BTVI recently partnered with Disney Cruise Line to construct a new campus in Green Castle, Eleuthera for the training of its residents. It allows them to leverage opportunities to participate in Eleuthera’s Lighthouse Point development, Jack’s Bay and other investment projects in the pipeline for the island.

The Single Phase Electrical course is being taught by National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)-certified and BTVI adjunct instructor, Steven Galanis. The classes are being held at the Central Eleuthera High School in Palmetto Point.

“The Single Phase doesn’t teach them to be electricians; they are already in the field. We teach them how to pass the three-and-a-half hour written exam. There is also an oral and practical exam, and what we teach can help with that too, but our focus is the written portion,” said Mr. Galanis.

“The students are getting a science and mathematical explanation as to why they do what they do in the field. They’re learning formulas and calculations. Sometimes, it’s complex, but I have a simplified way of teaching. Also, as soon as a topic is done, there is a test to keep them sharp. We’re doing sprints towards the exam,” said the electrician of 25 years.

There are 16 students enrolled in the course, inclusive of one female, Destiny Seymour. She knew from her senior year of high school that this would be her profession.

“I love math and the sciences. I began studying Electrical Engineering at university and hope to go back. It’s a field that would allow me to use math and science. I also like to create and engineers create,” said the 23-year-old.

Questioned as to how she feels being in a dominantly male class, Destiny noted that she is holding her own.

“Everyone looks at me as a girl, but I could answer every question. It’s equally empowering as it is intimidating,” she stated.

Destiny added that she views the course as a networking opportunity as well.

“Being in class with all these electricians, it gives me exposure. I believe it will also put the participants in spaces and rooms they may not have been able to get in previously. Also, Mr. Galanis is a good instructor and mentor. I am excited,” she said.

Additionally, BTVI’s Eleuthera Coordinator, Andrea Carey, expressed how proud she is to help bring the course to fruition.

“Eleuthera is known as the land of freedom and this is a freedom we are experiencing. I am grateful to be a part of this inaugural course and a part of this legacy. Our people no longer have to travel to New Providence or Grand Bahama to obtain technical skills,” said Ms. Carey.