The ‘Esthetics programme is a sequence of courses designed to prepare the student to enter the workforce as a self-employed esthetician, a make-up artist’s assistant or a cosmetic salesperson.  The skills, knowledge and attitudes to be acquired by the student are found in the course syllabi.  This programme is 20 weeks in duration.  The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute Certificate in Esthetics is awarded upon successful completion of the programme.


Required Courses                                                                                                                                               Credits

PMAT   1106 HIV Precautions  0
EST      1100 Principles of Beauty Therapy 3
EST      1101 Esthetics I 3
EST      1102 Esthetics II 2
EST      1106 Make-up Applications 2
EST      1110 Introduction to Salon Management 1
Total Credit Hours Required for Completion                                                   11