The Barbering programme will prepare students to have the knowledge and expertise necessary to work in a high-end barbershop.  It will provide students with training in various areas such as traditional cutting and styling as well as the more modern fades and shaving techniques.  After the completion of this programme, students will be ready to work in either a modern or a more traditional barbershop/salon.  Students will have the skills required to work for the most competitive companies in the industry.


Required Courses                                                                                                                                                Credits

PMAT   1106 HIV Precautions 0
BAR      1100 Beauty Culture Science for Barbers 2
BAR      1103 Men's Facial Shaving 2
BAR      1104 Barbering 4
BAR      1110 Introduction to Salon Management 1
Total Credit Hours Required for Completion                                                       9
The course listed below is optional and recommended for students wishing to sharpen their Barbering skills.
BAR      1106 Advanced Barbering 1