Massage Therapy

The Massage Therapy programme is designed to fully prepare students to contribute to the health industry and the well-being of clients.  It provides the basic knowledge, tools, ethics and behaviors students need to successfully practice as a massage therapist in any number of health care and wellness settings.


Required Courses                                                                           Credits

PMAT   1100 Therapist Client Inter-Dynamics 1
PMAT   1101 Physiology 3
PMAT   1102 Anatomy 3
PMAT   1103 Basic Massage Therapy Theory 5
PMAT   1104 Basic Massage Therapy Practical 5
PMAT   1105 First Aid & CPR Certificate 0
PMAT   1106 HIV Precautions 0
PMAT   1107 Allied Modalities 3
PMAT   1188 Practicum 3
Total Credit Hours Required for Completion                                        23