Information Technology Entry Level

The program in Information Technology Entry Level Certificate provides a thorough understanding of the computer hardware and software and prepares the student to enter the Information Technology department at the entry level. This program prepares the student for A+ essentials and A+ practical applications certification. This program also provides students with some Microsoft application software skills. The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute will award a certificate in Information Technology Entry Level upon successful completion of the program.


Required Courses Credits

SLS 0003 Student Success 1
SLS 0006 Service Learning 1
CIT 1000 I.T. Fundamentals (CompTIA I.T Fundamentals) 3
CMS 1000 Desktop Applications 3
CSD 1000 Introduction to Python 3
CIT 1100 Internet Fundamentals 3


OSHA 10 - Hour Certification


Total Credit Hours Required for Completion 14