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Educational Adviser Position Available

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Educational Adviser

                   Position Description 



Job Title: Educational Adviser

Department: Office of Student Affairs – Bahamas Technical and Vocational

Institute (BTVI) and U. S. Embassy Nassau Public Affairs Section

Hours: 30

Reports to: Chanelle Clare, U.S. Embassy Nassau and Raquel Bethel,

Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI)





EducationUSA Adviser (100%)

Actively promote U.S. higher education throughout The Bahamas by offering accurate, comprehensive, objective and timely information about educational opportunities in the United States. 


Provide guidance to qualified individuals on how best to access educational opportunities in the United States. 


Carry out daily management of advising center to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services to the public.  


Seek out and develop innovative tools to promote U.S. higher education and reach out to non-traditional audiences. 


Liaise with U.S. institutions of higher education to facilitate recruitment and admission of The Bahamas students and increase student mobility.





% Time


Principal Responsibilities:  

(Of primary importance and/or large percent of time)


Carries out full range of educational advising activities, as described by comprehensive center standards, established by ECA/A/S/A for center certification. These activities should align with the host institutions priorities, as long as they don’t pose conflict of interest.


Promotes and supports all U.S. Government programs in support of academic exchanges. 


Cooperates and liaises with partner organizations, including local educational institutions, U.S.–based higher education institutions, and local stakeholders.


Coordinates and published content on EducationUSA social media platforms.


Supports and coordinates the U.S. Embassy in The Bahamas’ 100,000 Strong Strategic Plan by developing a working platform to strengthen institutional partnerships.



A.Carries out full range of educational advising activities, including group and individual advising, electronic advising, outreach, workshops, public speaking, special events, and annual pre-departure program.  


The Educational Adviser informs the public about educational opportunities in the United States, providing information about programs of study at all recognized accredited institutions of higher education in the United States, publicly and privately-sponsored financial aid opportunities, and pre-departure preparation. He/she should make use of all reference books and materials, including catalogues, and informative handouts in the advising center, as well as the tools and resources made available on websites. 


The Educational Adviser must ensure the timely and accurate response to all advising inquiry types (e-mail, telephone and in person) related to U.S. education. The Adviser should regularly assess the center’s efficiency and effectiveness in responding to the public and modify the center management and services accordingly.   


Per ECA/A/S/A guidelines, the Adviser should organize and carry out regular (weekly) orientations to the general public, providing an overview of U.S. higher education. Note: Frequency of orientation is subject to change per REAC recommendations and Adviser assessments. 


Per ECA/A/S/A guidelines, the Adviser should provide introductory advising services and materials (particularly those provided by ECA/A/S/A) on U.S. higher education free of charge and may charge appropriate fees for specialized services.  


In carrying out educational advising activities, the Educational Adviser


o   Communicates appropriately with students in person, telephone and/or email to respond to educational inquiries. 

o   Conducts personalized advising in one-on-one advising and group sessions.

o   Encourages qualified students to pursue academic goals at U.S. institutions.

o   Follows up with interested students with personalized information regarding their academic goals.

o   Offers all available advising center services to all interested students.

o   Contacts alumni of U.S. colleges and universities to participate in advising center activities.




B.    Promotes U.S. higher education and EducationUSA services throughout The Bahamas, the surrounding areas, and through social media platforms. 


In an effort to promote opportunities for U.S. study and the services provided by EducationUSA the Adviser, along with Embassy Nassau Public Affairs Section:


oDevelops an annual plan to conduct outreach activities throughout The Bahamas and surrounding areas.

oMaintains contact with high school counselors, university exchange administrators, admissions testing organizations, local government entities, financial aid providers, and other international education organizations to promote EducationUSA services and arrange visits to schools to present to prospective students.

oReviews, prepares, and updates presentations and materials using tools such as PowerPoint presentations.

oResearches information resources and websites used by students to find information about U.S. higher education and encourages these organizations to promote EducationUSA services. 

oOrganizes activities for the annual International Education Week.

oWorks daily to update and improve on EducationUSA The Bahamas’ social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and the country website.



C.    Maintains organization of advising reference library, keeps reference materials up-to-date, prepares presentation materials and informative documents, and keeps current the advising section of the host institution website.


The Educational Adviser must keep current on information about U.S. admissions procedures, including but not limited to admission exam administration, student visa regulations and procedures, and academic program and field of study trends. He/she must ensure that all center reference materials are current, involving regular review and improvement of presentations and informative documents, and that all materials are logically organized and accessible to the public.  He/she should also assess the use of technology in the advising process, identify mechanisms to improve electronic advising services and make use of new programs and technology available to the center. 


The Educational Adviser is responsible for coordinating with the Host Institution on the advising section of the website, ensuring that information is accurate and up-to-date.   



D.   Liaise with U.S. institutions of higher education to facilitate recruitment and admission of students and increase student mobility. 


In an effort to inform U.S. college and university administrators about the local educational system and opportunities for recruitment, the Educational Adviser should: 

oPrepare an overview of the advising center and bilateral student mobility, using statistics from the IIE Open Doors annual report.

o Research recruitment opportunities for U.S. colleges and universities.

oKeep abreast of changes in local educational system, which may influence student mobility. 

oMeet with visiting U.S. college and university admissions and recruitment staff.  

oConduct presentations to groups of U.S. college and university staff participating in local educational fairs, as requested by fair organizers. 


E.    Liaise with local partner organizations. 


In an effort to increase student mobility and promote the services of EducationUSA, the Educational Adviser, with the support and direction of U.S. Embassy Nassau Education and Cultural Specialist, should:


o   Maintain regular communication with other host institution staff, partner organizations, including the Public Affairs, Consular and Commercial sections of the U.S. Embassy, other organizations. 

oIdentify platforms to collaborate with partner organizations to promote prospective programs. 


F.    Maintains standards established by ECA/A/S/A for certification of educational advising centers and in accordance with ECA compliance regulations for annual educational advising grant.

oComplies with the Principles of Good Practice. 

oAnnually submits a strategic plan that includes project proposals and sets book order, plus extra materials, to Education and Cultural Specialist and REAC as ECA/A/S/A budget allows.

oParticipates in the regional network of advising centers through the REACregional listserv and in professional development programs including REAC site visits, regional conferences and country workshops. 

oKeeps statistics and submits monthly statistical and narrative reports on the EducationUSA platform by the tenth of each following month, submits quarterly statistical and narrative reports to Host Institution Supervisor and US Embassy Nassau Public Affairs Section. 

oCommits to professional development.  Consults with REAC and US     Embassy Nassau Public Affairs Section for professional development plan.

oUpdates center profile and country fact sheet on the EducationUSA      website. 


G.  Supports and coordinates the U.S. Embassy in The Bahamas 100,000 Strong Strategic Plan by developing a working platform to strengthen institutional partnerships.


o   Liaise with public and private sector institutions to create organizational-level alliances that promote international student exchange between the United States and The Bahamas.

o   Coordinate events (such as reunions and alumni organizations) to promote broad interest in educational exchange programs between U.S. and The Bahamas universities.

o   Serve as host and provide consultative guidance for visits made by United States institutions to institutions in The Bahamas.

o   In collaboration with U.S. Embassy staff, provide information about the U.S. educational system to different stakeholders in The Bahamas, including public and private sectors.

o   Act as a technical assistant to U.S. Embassy staff in establishing relationships between U.S. Government entities and Bahamian education sector stakeholders.






o   Education: Minimum of an undergraduate degree related to region, preferably from an accredited U.S. college or university; Master´s degree, desirable

o   Comprehensive understanding and ability to describe and compare U.S. and The Bahamas educational systems.

o   Knowledge of both U.S. and The Bahamas cultures with experience living, working, or studying in both.

o   3-5 years of professional experience, preferably in international education, program management, international relations, public relations, or another related field.

o   Fluency in spoken and written English.  

o   Strong interpersonal communication, analytical, written and oral presentation skills.

o   Demonstrated ability to use suite of desktop applications, social media and other web tools.

o   Strong organizational, problem solving, and time management skills. oAbility to work effectively in a team environment.

o   Ability to forge connections and work cooperatively with partners and stakeholders from various sectors.







For Educational Advising responsibilities: The Educational Adviser reports directly to Education and Cultural Specialist, US Embassy Nassau and Dean of Student Affairs, BTVI and should consult with them for concerns related to center management and other responsibilities.  The REAC and the Public Affairs Section provide support to the Educational Adviser and should be consulted with for all questions related to educational advising and Department of State programs.  





The Educational Adviser is subject to an annual performance evaluation under Dean of Student Affairs, BTVI, Education and Cultural Specialist and Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in The Bahamas. REAC will assess evaluation provided.